Graphicly edited photograph of an apartment building with unreal perspective
Unreal perspective
Graveyard with at the background he sloping hills in the surroundings of Gulpen

The Graveyard, and high in the background the Panoramaroad

Yetty at the pond in Gulpen,  a very graphic black and white photograph

Jetty at the municipal pond in Gulpen

Infrared photo of Old Churchtower and Graveyard in Gulpen

Infrared photograph of Graveyard and Old Curchtower

Hidden Graveyard by a wall, only a big crucifix is showing

The Graveyard

Selfportrait of Jeu Elissen in 2017

My own Selfportrait

A vecaying leaf  at a road is showing the impormanence of it all


Graphicly edited photograph of the Concrete and steal armament remains of a demolished bridge section in Maastricht

Remains from the demolished exit of a bridge over the river Maas

Lane to Chateau Neubourg in the Autumn of 2017

Lane to Chateau Neubourg in Gulpen

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